Monday, May 2, 2011

TASK 2 - my excuses and story

Even as a kid I have never been much of a sport person or eating healthy, give me chocolate and foxtel any day.

I was always very small though guess coming from genetics.

right up til I was 19 I was a size 6 at 50kg, fairly toned, and had lots of energy for my partying lifestyle.

Then came the ex, He came from a european family who believed I was too skinny and I let myself believe them and fatten me up.

Over 5 years I put on 20kgs and went up to a size 14/16, Im weighing in at 71kg, Im short as well so its not like the weight sits well with my pudgy stomach.

At first it was we just never did anythign except stay home and watch movies, then when we would eat, i would try and match him at what he was eating. By the time i notcied the weight piling on, I made the excuse of what does it matter I have my love, and he loves me for me. What I didnt realise was how much this weight was effecting my self confidence and the freedom to be myself and own my life. (which to my ex was perfect)

Im turning 25 this year and newly single and i see the sad looks my family memebers give me for letting myself go, ive also heard my mum say “at jades age i had already had one kid and was half her size”

not to mention my lovely exs friends have said he “went elsewhere” in our relationship because i let myself go…

now dont worry Im not looking for sympathy or getting depressed, i appreicate all these things, cuz its fgiven me the power to fight, fight back for what i deserve and who i should be.

Im excited for these 12 wks.


  1. Hello! I just came across your blog from the MB 12WBT thread on Vogue. I was thinking of doing it too. Reading your post really hit home for me, I was in very similar situation. I was 50 KG size 6 shot up to a size 14 and 70+ kilos (not sure what my higest was). It has taken me 2.5 years and I am now down to 54 kg, close to my goal weight of 51. Alot of gym, learning to run and good nutrition. The last 5kg are being the hardest. What I can say is, you can do it. you will do it. Just slowly get it done. You are worth it. xx

  2. hi :D i just found your blog on the vogue forums, and im following! hopefully your mission to lose weight will motivate me too! i make up so many excuses to not exercise. but ive just read through the last couple of pages on your blog and noticed how dedicated you are to your workouts! its really inspiring :) good luck to you!

  3. Just started following your blog. Would love an update post, have you managed any of your goals? Did you fall of the wagon and intend to try again in 2012?